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Design Solution Forum

Design Solution Forum

Design Solution Forum 2017

  • Schedule : Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Location : Shin Yokohama Kokusai Hotel
  • Official site :

Design Solution Forum


In a world where rapidly evolving electronics technology is causing major changes in software and hardware development techniques, there is a growing need for a new community of engineers to consider the future of engineering.

Design Solution Forum 2016 aims to assist engineers sharing various types of information by creating a forum where people can exchange technical information related to personal skills and career development, optimization and improvement of engineering business practices, and the creation and cultivation of new businesses.

In this seminar-based event, experienced designers have created a program focusing on the keywords “Design Tech”, “FPGA”, “Automotive & IoT” and “Image & Vision”, holding a series of sessions that introduce real-world design cases and current technological trends.

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