Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Treatment of Personal Information

Japan Electronics Show Association, or JESA, is mainly consisted of electronic device and component manufacturers. For our country's development of electronics and information technology industries; JESA organizes exhibitions and seminars with organizers. In such operations, JESA recognizes that it is definitely an important duty to deal with the personal information.

On this account management, JESA observes associated laws and ordinances / guideline about the personal information protection about information (hereafter, "personal information") that can distinguish the authorized individuals acquired it through operation.
Specifically, the intended personal information is name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the place of employment and the other descriptions which can distinguish the individual (including the thing which cannot distinguish it only by the information, but can collate it with other information easily) by collected in operation through a document, an electronic medium, and a website.

2. Purpose of Collecting and Usage of Information

Only in cases of the following, JESA uses the personal information which collects through exhibitions and other related services.

  1. Sending a report of JESA or other announcements
  2. Operating events such as exhibitions / seminars / lectures (*)
  3. The administration management of the website
  4. To offer or distribution of various documents (bulletin, a report and a plan book)
  5. Correspondence to the consultation or the report
  6. Sending announcements or questionnaires related events operated by JESA
  7. Others, examination for the administration of JESA and communication

※ JESA gathers personal information from users with the purpose of enhancing and improving services which JESA undertakes, registering visitors prior to and during the staging of exhibition, and accepting reservations to attend the exhibitions, conference and other special programs. JESA also collects personal information for user questionnaires and request for sending reference materials. Information gathering activities are also used to provide registered visitors to the exhibitions with information on promotions, and the products and services of companies related JESA. JESA uses personal information only for the above purposes.

3. Providing Information to Third Parties

Except if applicable the following cases, no personal information collected by JESA will be provided to unrelated third parties. However at the exhibitions which JESA undertakes, visitors to the exhibitions are issued with personalized barcodes.

These barcodes are read on entering the exhibitions and Conference programs, and at the booths of exhibiting companies and organizations (exhibitors). From this point, information that might be considered personal in nature is shared between JESA and the exhibitors. Visitors are requested to understand that information from exhibitors might be sent directly to them via e-mail or the posts after the exhibitions concluded. In addition, user data from this website and the exhibitions sites are sometimes provided to third parties in a format that prevents individual identification. Such information is not considered personal in nature.

  1. When the person himself gives a consent to JESA beforehand
  2. When judged it necessarily to provide on the basis of laws and ordinances
  3. When needed it for human life, a body or protection of the property, moreover, it is difficult to obtain the person him self's consent
  4. When needed it for the improvement of the public sanitation or the promotion of healthy upbringing of the child in particular, moreover, it is difficult to obtain the person him self's consent
  5. When it is necessary to cooperate for the country, local public or the person who is committed to accomplish a work that laws and ordinances establish, and in case, there is a possibility to disrupt the accomplishment of an operation concerned by obtaining the person himself consent

When JESA offers the personal information to the third parties according to the above, JESA takes the limit of the use purpose and the other steps in addition, if it is necessary.

4. Websites

"Cookies" are data codes sent to a user's computer from the server when the user accessed JESA website. These cookies are used to provide services customized for individual users and to count the total number of accessed by all users to the site. Individual IP addresses are collected to collate data on usage of the website and monitor trends in site usage, but these addressed are not used in any way that might lead to the identification of individual users. However, JESA shall be exempt from this stipulation if its legal rights are infringed upon or interfered with by a user(s), or the potential of such infringement or interference is suspected.

5. Management of personal information

The acquired personal information, JESA manages it severely within the above use purpose and takes security measures to prevent from fraudulent access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak and tries for security management of the personal information. As for the operations which JESA undertakes, JESA performs the correspondence that followed the privacy policies of organizers. When JESA entrusts handling the personal information to outside, JESA concludes a nondisclosure contract with trust and manages the handling and supervises it.

6. Disclosure / Correction / Halt of usage

When there is a demand such as a disclosure, a correction, a halt of usage from the person himself about the personal information, JESA copes immediately in a rational way.

7. Complete Privacy Policy

JESA establishes the personal information protection regime whose representative is Director of Administration Section, to assume management enforcement strictly.

8. Inquiries

Inquiries related to the Privacy Policy, please contact the following;

Administration Section, Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA)
4th Fl., Ote Center Bldg.,
1-1-3, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6212-5231 FAX: +81-3-6212-5225