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【 Press Release】Commencement of Exhibitor Recruitment for Inter BEE 2024 Japan's largest comprehensive media event, celebrating its 60th edition will be held at Makuhari Messe.

[Outline] Period: November 13 (Wed) ~ 15 (Fri)

[Accepting Exhibitors] Application:March 1 (Fri.), Primary Application:until May 31 (Fri.)

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association(JEITA:Representative Director/Chairperson Keiji Kojima from Hitachi, Ltd. representative executive officer President &CEO)announced today that it will host Inter BEE 2024, a comprehensive media event, at Makuhari Messe from November 13 (Wed) to 15 (Fri), 2024. Applications for exhibiting at Inter BEE 2024 will be accepted from 10:00 a.m. on March 1 (Fri.), with the first deadline for applications being May 31 (Fri.) and the second deadline for applications being June 28 (Fri).

■A Platform for Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technology and Generating Business Opportunities as a Comprehensive Media Event

Inter BEE is a comprehensive media event that encompasses the entire spectrum of the media and entertainment industry. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, related technologies such as virtual production and the utilization of AI in content creation have rapidly evolved. Alongside the recovery of the global market, the industry’s landscape has expanded significantly. In the midst of these significant changes, Inter BEE remains at the forefront of global trends, serving as a platform for showcasing the latest technologies while also discovering and creating new business opportunities. As Japan’s largest business event, Inter BEE will continue to be held in 2024

■Celebrating 60 Years and Striving for a New Decade of Industry Contribution

Since its inaugural event in 1965, Inter BEE has been closely associated with the development of broadcast media, marking its 60th edition this year. As we reach this milestone, looking towards the next decade, we are establishing the “INTER BEE AWARD” to contribute to the entire media and entertainment industry. This award will recognize outstanding products or services exhibited at Inter BEE, aiming to support the advancement of related industries and markets by acknowledging excellence in technology and products.

Additionally, as a new special initiative, we will introduce “INTER BEE CINEMA,” focusing specifically on the field of filmmaking. As filmmaking technologies evolve and Japanese cinema gains international recognition once again, we aim to support business activation in this sector and contribute to the development of the next generation of professionals.

■Strengthening Special Events Tailored to Specific Themes and Targets, Attracting New Exhibitors

Inter BEE’s special events focus on specific themes and targets within the diverse media and entertainment fields, providing users with deeper information and experiences while offering communication opportunities with new exhibitors.

We will further expand and enhance the special events implemented in previous years. In “INTER BEE EXPERIENCE,” which specializes in sound experiences, we plan to enhance the “SR Speaker Listening Experience Demo” and the “Headphone/Microphone Listening Experience Exhibition,”. “INTER BEE BORDERLESS,” which explores the future of broadcast media across various fields, will also enhance the content of its program. “INTER BEE IGNITION×DCEXPO,” which disseminates diverse and new content production and its expression, will expand its program under the new name “Startup & University Area,” including participation from university laboratories a, building on the startup area established last year. Furthermore, “INTER BEE CREATIVE,” which showcases the forefront of video production, will continue the video marketing lounge established last year, ensuring even more comprehensive dissemination. The “INTER BEE IP PAVILION,” which specifically disseminates broadcasting IP technology, will be renamed to “INTER BEE DX × IP PAVILION” starting this year. It will serve as a platform for showcasing technologies that support comprehensive DX in content production.

■Business Communication Space Structured into Four Divisions

Inter BEE 2024 consists of four divisions: “Professional Audio,” “Entertainment/Lighting,” “Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment,” and “Media Solutions.” By covering all fields of content creation, delivery, and receiving, we provide a business communication space that spans all aspects, generating new business opportunities. This year, with a significant recovery in related markets and the revitalization of the industry in mind, we aim to hold the event on a larger scale than last year. Continuing our unwavering commitment to walking alongside the media and entertainment-related industries, we strive to contribute to the development of a wide range of related fields and ensure the continuous growth and evolution of Inter BEE itself, as a comprehensive event for evolving technology and expanding businesses.

Details regarding various plans and conferences for Inter BEE 2024 will be announced progressively in the future.

Name : Inter BEE 2024

Period : November 13 ~ November 15, 2024

Venue : Makuhari Messe

Admissions : Free(Registration Required)

Organizer : Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

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